Mad Science Has Many Dangerous Daughters. Join Them For Tea.

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The "daughters" of Drs. Frankenstein, Moreau, Rappaccini, Jekyll and Raymond form an exclusive society in turn-of-the-century London, in Theodora Goss' delightful "The Mad Scientist's Daughter." They're not just the victims and products of their famous fathers' experiments, they're explorers too.

Goss' story is appearing in two parts over at Strange Horizons, and part one is up now. It's a lovely metafictional exploration of the legacy of the 19th century's rash of strange inventors, sort of like a League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen crossed with When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet — only much better than that implies. I love the little tea parlor full of strange women, the "ordinary evening among monsters." They're botanists, explorers and writers of pot-boiling adventure novels.


The tale of how these six extraordinary progenies came together is just as fascinating as how they'll end up. We can't wait to read part two, next week. [Strange Horizons]