Magic Box Makes HyperJuice External Mac Batteries MagSafe-Compatible

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Apple recently decided to kick HyperMac—and its delightful external MacBook batteries—out of the clubhouse for selling patent-infringing MagSafe cables. Fortunately, life finds a way. Or at least, computing peripherals do. Meet Magic Box.

Magic Box lets you hook up your HyperJuice battery to a kosher MagSafe power adapter from Apple itself. It's no bigger than Apple's iPad 10W USB power adapter, and attaches to the cord of the MagSafe adapter your laptop came with.


Of course, part of the "magic" is actually cutting the cord yourself, and although Sanho insists that you don't need any extra tools or special skills to do so, that takes some courage. It's also an annoying extra step that we didn't have to take a few months ago, but it's still worth probably it for the amped-up battery life. Magic Box will be available this March for $50. [HyperMac]