HyperMac Pulling Plug on MacBook Charging Cables

Illustration for article titled HyperMac Pulling Plug on MacBook Charging Cables

This is why we can't have nice (allegedly patent-infringing) things! After drawing legal heat from Apple for its MagSafe connectors, HyperMac has announced that they'll stop selling their MacBook charging cables and car chargers on November 2nd. But there's hope!


Apparently the cessation was required by Apple before they'd begin negotiations with Sanho, HyperMac's parent company. Which means that Apple's willing, hopefully to work something out in the form of massive licensing fees. Also worth noting: the batteries themselves also don't appear to be affected, but they're not much good without the cords.

Just in case things don't work out, though, might not be a bad idea to start stocking up. [HyperMac via Engadget]


Hmm, Apple patents that only hurt Apple consumers. Go figure.