Magnetic Father & Son


Since you're at Gizmodo, and given our usual demographic, there's a pretty good chance that at one time or another you wished for super powers. Well screw watching X-Men & Heroes, this Taiwanese guy and his kid actually have magnetic powers. That's right, Magneto is real and he has a kid too.

Frankly we're scared since our weekly levitation classes haven't yielded any results yet. But it looks like we've got about 15 or so years before the boy really harnesses his powers.


P.S. Here's an explanation, even if it spoils the fun.
The Amazing Magnetic Child! [Videoholics Anonymous]



i dont know, something just doesn't seem right.

biologically, impossible. Probably adhesives.

Actually, this is biologically impossible. The body has no compounds in it that can produce magnetic fields like that.

True, there is iron in your blood, but the agregate amount is so small that it amounts to practically nothing, not to mention it is spread out through your blood.

Also, if they did eat magnets, they would be sick and dieing, due to the bodies inability to process heavy metals, and human flesh is pretty good at blocking field lines of small magnets.

Put them in an MRI and see what happens. Either they explode in a horrific burst of reality, or they live on in a blundering mess of embarresment.

Its lose-lose either