Mail Your Friends the Universe With an Envelope Full of Constellations

If you still believe that a hand-written letter carries more emotional weight than an auto-generated response to a text message, these star-filled envelopes will even let you send an entire galaxy to your friends and loved ones—if they peer inside.


Once they’ve neatly sliced off the end of the envelope (not torn it to shreds) and emptied its contents, all the receiver needs to do is hold it up to a light source to see an astronomically-accurate group of constellations.

It’s an especially thoughtful way to send a letter if the person you’re writing to lives in a big city with too much light pollution to ever get a good look at the stars overhead.

You can buy a package of five star-filled envelopes from the Japan Trend Shop, which is probably the easiest way to import them. The only catch is they’ll charge you $83, plus the cost of shipping. Ouch.

You can also buy them directly from the Kaminokousakujo’s online store in Japan for about $10. Having them delivered to North America might be a little more challenging, but the cost savings is almost certainly worth the risk.


[Japan Trend Shop]

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