Maingear Prisma Entertainment PC: Just Another Pretty Face

Add mystical pyramid power to your home theater with the Maingear Prisma Entertainment PC, a uniquely-shaped Viiv media center with unremarkable innards. Built on an ATX motherboard, you can goose it up with a dual-core Intel 3.2GHz Pentium D 940 processor, and you can opt to install two standard-definition TV tuners and an HDTV tuner as well.

All this high style comes at a price, though, where even the stripped-down version sells for $1958. Available in lots of snazzy colors including black, silver, green, red, white and yellow, a respectably-equipped version will cost you upwards of $3400. It's nice looking; Maingear is literally thinking outside the box, but PC Magazine's opinion of the Maingear Prisma? Eh. 2.5 out of five.


Product Page [Maingear]
Maingear Prysma Review [PC Magazine]

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