Make Flossing a Dream and Win a Trip to Los Angeles

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Looking for an easier way to floss? How does flossing with 1) air and water, and 2) for less than sixty seconds sound? Well, here's how to make that dream come true: just enter the Philips Make a Switch Contest and you could win Philips Sonicare AirFloss and DiamondClean products as well as a VIP trip to Los Angeles for two.

The AirFloss makes flossing a breeze with an angled nozzle designed specifically to comfortably clean gums in every part of your mouth in just 60 seconds. And when you upload an equally brief 30-60 second video or a photograph describing a small change that has improved your life to Philips' Make a Switch Contest website, you'll be automatically entered to win. The size of the change doesn't matter—whether it's something like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or the colossal task of switching to a gluten-free vegan diet—as long as you can make it brief. If you entrance the world with your story, you'll be whisked off to magical Los Angeles where you'll receive a free teeth whitening session for two from Dr. Bill Dorfman, dentist to the stars, a round-trip airfare, and a two-night stay at a luxury hotel.

Pair all that elegance with the the Sonicare AirFloss and the DiamondClean power toothbrush and you won't be able to stop smiling. To enter the Make a Switch Contest and win the whole kit and caboodle, head here. And of course, be sure to tell all of your friends to vote for your entry early and often—while not forgetting to do so yourself. Good luck!

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