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Make the Most Geographically-Correct Playlist for Your Roadtrip

Illustration for article titled Make the Most Geographically-Correct Playlist for Your Roadtrip

One of the best things about road trips is all the music you get to listen to. So. Many. Good. Jams. But if you're on a long trip, you might find yourself running out of good songs to play. Roadtrip Mixtape is here to help build a playlist for your drive based on each city you pass through.


Simply punch in point A and point B and the app will fill the time in between with music. The app breaks your trip down into legs—the sample list we created has 187 legs, for example. Each leg is populated with music by artists from that region. An embedded Rdio player—yes, you need an Rdio account if you don't want to manually compile said playlist yourself—plays the songs back. It's a fun way to get to know new artists while on a long trip.

We spoke to Lamare by email, and he told us he's got plans for several improvements and new features for Roadtrip Mixtape. First up Lamare plans on creating a mobile/iPhone-ready version of the web app that will play music by local artists wherever you are. The app will also soon allow you to filter the playlist by music style and popularity. Finally, when Lamare makes a mobile version of the site, he'll likely offer both Spotify and Rdio versions. Those improvements all sound great, we can't wait for them to be rolled out. [Roadtrip Mixtape]

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Or you could listen to I'm Gonna Be the entire time.