Make Your iPhone Logo Glow With This Hardware Mod

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iPatch, a UK-based iPhone repair company, has developed a hardware mod that'll add a backlight to your iPhone's logo. Similar to Apple's line of computers, the logo will glow when the phone's display turns on.


According to iPatch, the mod does not add any thickness to the phone and uses the standard glass back. And the backlight can even be personalized with a color filter. Unfortunately, the mod is not DIY-friendly. It requires knowledge of iPhone circuitry and must be done by a repair specialist. iPatch plans to release the mod in October for £50 - £100 ($80 to $160). [iPatch via PC World]

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Rant: I need to replace my iPhone 4 back because the camera lens is scratched all to hell. The glass back, however, isn't really scratched. So why the hell couldn't they make the camera lens as scratch resistant as the f'ing glass back?! or countersink it a smidge so it wouldn't get scratched as easily. Fail.