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Make Your Mornings Suck Less With This Sleek Capsule Coffee Maker

Illustration for article titled Make Your Mornings Suck Less With This Sleek Capsule Coffee Maker

Not content with simply being masters of the clock, the Swiss have apparently decided to take over another crucial aspect of our day: caffeine. The Delizio Uno, a minimalist capsule coffee maker, boasts clean lines and vibrant colors enough to brighten any morning.


What really puts us at the mercy of our Swiss masters, though, is the elegant, thin profile, which the company claims to be the slimmest in the world. Though the title might be impressive (if not somewhat questionable), the tank does only hold a little over two cups of water, so heavy drinkers will have to refill often. Still, a speedy 15-seconds to full heat means they've got you covered on time, which - considering its origins - is entirely unsurprising. [via Appliancist]

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Ah, but the Swiss are good at a lot of things, except coffee machines. They all suck. Except those made by Olympia Express, which are very expensive and Olympia Express is founded by an Italian (Luigi Bresaola) in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland.

Every other coffee machine from switzerland sucks. As does this, because it's a capsule machine. Capsule machines are invariably horrible and expensive. For all whiners complaining how hard it is to make decent espresso yourself, here's a video of two 5 year olds making a cappuccino.