Make Your Music Server Military Grade

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Matan Arazi has a better sound system than you do. In this interview with the designer of the Audeeva Conbrio music server, Arazi lays out general and specific steps to make your music server sing.

The lifelong audiophile worked on signal processing and communications equipment in the Israeli Defense Force's military intelligence corp and applied that spycraft to music servers—like the Audeeva Conbrio that Magico uses to power its high end ultimate speakers at trade shows. In short, you want to keep it really, really simple.

Fewer cables, fewer parts, less vibration and noise, fewer processess running, and simplified stripped down operating systems are the key to quality sound. "The hardware and software simply need to get out of the way," says Arazi.


And for everyone who still insists discs are better than bits? "I'll take electrons over mechanics any day." It's a really kick-ass, compelling interview that's worth a read for audiophiles and enthousiasts alike. You'll learn something. But don't worry, it won't hurt.

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