Feeling extra-confident in your crafting skills after knitting yourself a pair of Netflix-pausing socks? Take your newfound skills to the next level by now making yourself a comfy cozy scarf that not only looks like a giant thermometer around your neck, it works like one too.

Instructables user caitlinsdad has posted all the details and instructions you’ll need to make one of these scarves for yourself, minus the sewing and soldering skills that this fun hack will certainly inspired you to learn.


Inside the thermometer scarf is an Adafruit Flora Arduino board, an Adafruit NeoPixel RGB LED strip, plus humidity and temperature sensor modules that actually read the weather conditions. The scarf is more fun than practical since it can’t actually tell you when you might need to wear it, but once you’re outside it can certainly validate your choice to bundle up warm.

[Instructables via Hackaday]

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