Making a katana the old traditional Japanese way is so impressive

I think this is the most impressive video that Man At Arms has ever done, and that’s saying a lot since they’ve recreated all the coolest weapons from TV shows and movies in real life. But there’s something ridiculous impressive about making a katana (stylized like the one from Kill Bill) the traditional old school Japanese way.


There is so much work in a blade and the result is absolutely stunning. It starts with using 1100 pounds of charcoal to make their own metal from ore to using 24 karat gold as a finishing touch.

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Katanas are magnificent, works of both science and art. However, as weapons the important thing was the man who wielded it. Guys like this did little else but train with the sword from the time they were old enough to hold it. If you ever found yourself in a fight with him, your best course of action was to surrender, beg for mercy, and hope for a quick death.