Man Attempts to Rob Restaurant Using an iPhone

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20-year-old Jerome Taylor recently put on a mask, walked into a restaurant, and waved what appeared to be a small handgun while demanding money. The restaurant's cooks immediately grabbed their knives and prepared for a fight. Then things got weirder.

Terrified by the knife-wielding staff, Taylor suddenly "became apologetic and told the cooks he was only kidding and that he needed money for his child." He managed to flee before the police arrived, but it didn't take them long to catch up with him. At that point Taylor revealed that he didn't have a gun and had threatened the cooks with an iPhone.

Despite the restaurant staff insisting that no charges be pressed because they felt bad for Taylor, the man was charged with attempted robbery and interfering with an officer. [MSBNC]

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Every time I read an article like this, I have to wonder how they got that iPhone in the first place. I have a pretty respectable job, support myself, and it's still Poseiden's adventure putting together the cash to pay all my bills in a timely manner. The phone I've got on Verizon is so old, the Smithsonian recognizes it as a timeless human history document. Good lord, throwing an iPhone on top of that? I may as well default now. Did I miss something in the new millennia? Is there a radical change in dimensional billing that screws me out of tens of dollars?