Old man Banjeglav was so god-awful addicted to his cellphone and text messaging that he told his son to bury him with the thing. So when he died recently, that's just what his son did. Only problem was, Banjeglav's 10-year-old grandson snatched the cellphone out of the dead man's rigor mortis-frozen clutches between funeral and burial, removed the SIM card and placed the phone back with no one the wiser. He told daddy about it later, though, and that where the story really starts getting weird.

They're going to dig up the dead guy and return that SIM card to its slot in the cellphone that'll reside with his dead body in that casket for all eternity. I got news for you, folks. The guy is dead. His text messages will be unremarkable, nay, nonexistent. Can you hear me now? [Jewish Bugle, via CrunchGear]