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Man Dressed as Mannequin Took Pictures in Women's Bathrooms

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A 22-year-old man in Birmingham, England was arrested recently. His crime? Dressing up like a mannequin, stationing himself in women's restrooms at the local mall, and snapping smartphone pictures of their feet under the stalls. That's what we call a triple threat.

The mannequin outfit—including a wig and a mask—was apparently convincing enough that he wasn't noticed for some time, either in the bathrooms at his university or at the mall. Which, I guess bathrooms at British schools have mannequins in them? Like that's a normal thing?

When confronted by police, the man confirmed that he'd "been a bit weird," and was grateful that he'd been apprehended, hoping that it would finally make him stop. He could ultimately face jail time, but has been released on bail on the condition that he stay away from public toilets. Or, presumably, extra-fancy private ones. [Nine News]