Man Jailed After Accidentally Killing His Wife With a Remote Control

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While arguing, a man threw a remote control at his wife. It struck her head, causing a fatal hemorrhage due to a medical condition no one knew she had. He is now serving a three year jail sentence for manslaughter.

Apparently Gloria Laguna had a "unique medical condition which was unknown to anybody, least of all herself, and the slightest trauma in that area of the vertebral artery could [...] lead to death." Her husband, Paul Harvey, is known for his two violence-related criminal convictions and a temper problem.

On the night of Laguna's death, all of those factors combined with both individuals having alcohol and cocaine in their systems. They argued, Harvey threw the remote, and Laguna fell to the ground. Harvey made a frantic and tear-filled call to 999 (the UK equivalent of 911), but despite all efforts to save her, his wife died in a hospital later that day.


While throwing an object at someone is a violent and abusive act, the intent here wasn't to kill or to even truly injure. I almost wonder if a three year jail sentence for manslaughter is deserved, because, assuming that all the details are true, this appears to have been a genuine freak accident. [This London]

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His name is Paul Harvey? I heard the 999 call tapes. It was odd that Paul Harvey concluded the phone call by saying, "And now you know the rest of the story."