Man on the Street: Are Normal People Looking Forward to Leopard?

Our man Richard Blakeley went down to the Apple store and interrogated New Yorkers about the new OS (huh? Apple's got a new OS?). It seems that people actually know about Leopard, even though they're not exactly sure what it does. We just hope the new FEEENDER improvements help that poor man with his FEEENDER. Video by Richard Blakeley


MINI Driver

Ask Yoshi if he's looking forward to Leopard?

As I remember he stated:

BY YOSHI AT 10/09/07 09:41 PM

Something doesn't seem right about Apple's "silence" going into October's delayed release. Every thing's a rumor until Apple confirms or denies Leopard's release.

Feels like another Leopard delay to me.

17 days until GOLD!?!?!?! No Way, IMHO!

Then when challenged by DriveGenius about the delivery date from Apple

BY DRIVE GENIUS AT 10/09/07 11:51 PM


And you'll shave your head and post the video on YouTube if you've wrong?


Yoshi said:

BY YOSHI AT 10/10/07 08:30 AM

@DRive Genius:

Better yet. I will shave my head and post it here.

I won't even ask you to do anything if it's delayed.

So is he a man/woman of his/her word?

Let's see the shaving of Yoshi!