In 1974, Philippe Petit walked across a wire between New York City's Twin Towers. The feat was incredibly dangerous and incredibly illegal. Man on Wire is the amazing story of how he got there, told by the people who lived it.

Petit discovered the World Trade Center in the early 1960s in a photo in a magazine while sitting in the waiting room of his dentist's office. The building wasn't even complete yet. However, at that moment, walking between the two behemoths became his ultimate life goal. But tightrope walking between a pair of skyscrapers that were upwards of 1,300 feet each was a crazy dream—and an even crazier task to complete. It required loads of practice, a whole lot of support from a group of trusted friends and accomplices, and quite a bit of rule breaking.


Spoiler alert: Petit, of course, successfully wire-walked the Twin Towers. But the harrowing tale of how he did it is utterly thrilling. [Netflix]