Man Pierces His Back to Hook His Body onto a Hot Air Balloon

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I'm totally cool with alternative piercings. Your life, your choices, whatever. But Zane Whitmore is testing my limit of accepting crazy: he pierced his back, attached the piercings to a hot air balloon and suspended his body in the air.


Pain and grossness aside, what Whitmore did probably makes it feel like you're really flying since you don't really feel any gear on you. But still, my stomach is turning from just watching the video. The guy is literally hanging there, what was the backup plan!?

The people behind the stunt filmed it for a documentary called Feet Off the Ground and said it took 2 years to plan. I'm guessing most of the 2 years was spent finding someone crazy/daring enough to do it. [KATU via BoingBoing]


Holy crap. I opened my browser and there, on my home page of Giz, is my face.... I about fell over.

Soooo... this was me. For the record I was wearing a low profile safety harness under my pants and was under the supervision of Allen Falkner and stunt specialist Kai Shelton. (IMDB him- amazing guy) It actually isn't as painful as many would think and I had been waiting to do it since we started shooting the movie 2 years ago. If anyone is interested in more info on the film you can go to: [] and if you are interested in learning about suspension you can go to

The balloon was a thrill but I still can't believe I'm on Gizmodo! Yes geek world... there is a freak among you! :-)