Man Pulled Over by Cops for Being Too Radioactive

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If you're ever driving around after taking a nuclear stress test, like one man in Connecticut was, you better hope your doctor gave you a note, otherwise you're gonna have a hard time explaining to cops why you set off their nuclear detectors. Oh, and did I mention cops have nuclear detectors???

From the Connecticut Post:

State Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance confirmed that many of the state police cars have the radioactivity detectors. "It's part of our homeland security operations here," Vance said. "It's just another layer of public safety that we have in this state."

Though the goal of the detectors is to alert police to motorists who might be carrying hazardous materials, cases like Apatow's happen from time to time.

"They're very sensitive," Vance said of the detectors.

The Connecticut post says that the small amount of radioactive material injected into firefighter Mike Apatow was enough to set off the geiger counter in the car of a state trooper, who immediately flagged Apatow down and demanded some answers. Luckily, Apatow's note from the doctor was enough. [Connecticut Post]


Image via Shutterstock/gualtiero boffi