Man supposedly survived two months trapped in his car by hibernating like a bear

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Police in Umea, Sweden, are reporting that they pulled a man from a snowed-in car after he'd been trapped inside for two months. So how did he survive for two months with no food in freezing temperatures? According to one physician, he just hibernated.


Yesterday, police reported that, while digging trapped motorists out of the snow, they came across a man lying in a sleeping bag in the backseat of his car who said that he had been trapped there since December 19th. The rescue team insists that they have every reason to believe that the man's story is true, and that the car had, as far as they could tell, been trapped there for a very long time.

The man is recovering at Umea University Hospital, and apparently doing quite well, all things considered. And, yes, according to physician Stefan Branth, this sort of hibernation is possible:

"A bit like a bear that hibernates. Humans can do that," he said. "He probably had a body temperature of around 31 degrees (Celsius) which the body adjusted to. Due to the low temperature, not much energy was used up."

No word on what he did for water. Was urine recycling involved, or so Swedes keep extra stores of water in cars in case of being snowed in? Edit: Several people are pointing out that he was surrounded by snow and I'm a moron. I don't know where I got it in my head that he was so trapped that he couldn't open the windows, but there you have it. Snow.

It will be interesting to see how this one pans out. The man was, as one would expect, quite weak when he emerged from the vehicle, so it's possible he got the date entirely wrong. But maybe we can add hibernation to the list of possible human superpowers.

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Ugg the Caveman

This reminds Ugg of a silly little joke.

"A bear woke up from his annual hibernation to find that his stomach is growling.

"I sure am hungry." the sleepy bear said.

So he found some berries, but spit them out.

"These berries are far too bitter." the playful bear said.

He then found some honey, however was soon bombarded with a swarm of bees.

"That honey is good, but not that good." the jolly bear said.

He then stumbled upon a cabin.

"I wonder if there is any food in here..." the curteous bear wondered.

The events that followed are now reffered to by the locals as the May 20th Massacre. While no witnesses survived, the police reports depict that the Martinez family, a young family of 7 enjoying their memorial day weekend in their New Hampshire cabin, was brutally slain by a blood-thirsty animal who tracked each of them throughout the house in a period of approximately 45 minutes. "