Manhattan Products Stealth Touch Mouse Review: Where's the Button?

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The mouse has endured as a simple, functional, uncomplicated gadget. Then, along comes this new mouse with no buttons—so is it even simpler and better, or just confusing and mysterious? This is the point at which mouse minimalism gets extreme.


What Is It?

A mouse that uses a touchscreen interface instead of physical buttons.

Who's it For?

People who want a little something different out of a mouse. People who hate clicking for some reason?



Sleek, solid black finish. No button creases. Small. Maybe too small.

Using It

The three-button functionality lies beneath the touchscreen. It works the same way the normal buttons do, you just don't hear or feel anything.

The Best Part

Never having to excavate built-up finger grease from between the buttons.

Tragic Flaw

If you touch any part of the mouse, you hit a button. So you hover, constantly. It's exhausting.


This Is Weird...

Highlighting text by clicking and scrolling just doesn't seem to work with this mouse.


Test Notes

  • Without buttons or distinguishing graphics, it's hard to tell which part of the mouse is the top. You have to look at its belly to figure it out.
  • The two AAA batteries insert vertically instead of horizontally.
  • Without a visibly defined button border, you sometimes click the middle scroll button when you meant to click one of the other buttons. Really frustrating.
  • A built-in crevice stores that mini-USB dongle you plug into your computer. Nice touch.

Should You Buy It?

Minimalist design in gadgets is usually great, so the idea of a sleek, simple mouse was exciting. But after a week of use, it's just too consistently annoying to recommend. For now, it seems, the dominant mouse design will remain button-based. [Manhattan Products]

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Manhattan Products Stealth Touch Mouse Specs

Type: Wireless Mouse
Range: 10 feet
Gigahertz: 2.4
Batteries: 2 AAA (Included)
Compatibility: Windows or Mac via USB
Price: $60
Giz Rank: 2.0 stars


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Ahm... Magic Mouse comes to mind when I read about this one. Although the Magic Mouse does have a "click". Would like to know which one would Giz recomend between both for a windows pc.