Mannequin Maker Undresses The Commander-in-Chief To Help Sell Khakis

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You know that feeling when try on a pair of new pants at home only to find they don't make you look as presidential as you thought they did in store? That's probably because they were modeled by Obama himself.

Or at least, a close facsimile of the 44th president of the United States. According to Las Vegas Mannequins there was so much demand for him that they went ahead and created a fiberglass version of Barack Obama, ready to model khakis, polos, or whatever, with a surprisingly buff and sculpted body.


If you don't need—or can't afford—the full body mannequin, you also have the option of ordering just his disembodied head. Which gives me an uneasy feeling that they'll be more popular for anti-democratic protests, than for modeling the latest fashions at your local GAP. [Las Vegas Mannequins via The Daily Mail]