Manodo Display Makes You OCD About Your Home Energy Usage

If you enjoy observing and controlling the minutiae of your daily life, down to how much CO2 your last shower emitted, consider moving to Sweden and taking part in the Manodo project. Nordic start-up Manodo has created the ultimate smart home gadget, which tells you everything you'll ever want to know (and maybe some things you don't) about the resources you're consuming.

The project is in its pilot stage now in a smattering of Swedish cities. If power consumption reaches eco-friendly levels, a little green smiley face will pop up to congratulate you for doing a good job. It's kind of like a game—with the future of the Earth at stake!


In addition to utility usage, the device also gives you information ranging from when the next tram will pass by your stop to weather forecasts into the week to who's milling outside your door. [Treehugger via Slippery Brick]

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