Maplin A93GC MP4 Player Attempts to Challenge iPod nano, Probably Fails

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Maplin is positioning the A93GC MP4 player as a potential iPod nano killer, which is like saying Hillary wants to be president—we know that already. What we don't know, however, is how Maplin intends to accomplish this small feat. So far, the only, you know, facts we know are that it'll cost some $112 when it's released in the beginning of November. Afterwards, its price will skyrocket to around $190 before the end of the year. Good idea all around.

We can, however, do a little prognosticating based on Maplin's history: right now, the rumor around the water cooler is that it'll come with a pedestrian 2GB of flash memory and a 1.5-inch display. Take that, nano!

We'll let you know when Apple throws in the towel and bows to the awesome might that is the Maplin A93GC if and when it's released on this side of the Sea of Atlas.


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