Marantz IS201 Universal iPod Dock

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Marantz has been in a bit of a universal device mood as of late, and the introduction of their IS201 universal iPod docking system continues that trend. Now before you say, "we're tired of reading about docks, just give Marantz's entry a bit of your time.


What does "universal" mean here? It means that the IS201 is compatible with all models of the iPod, including the nano, iPod with video, the mini and the iPod Photo—from the looks of it, any iPod with a dock connector seems to be compatible. Once docked, the IS201 happily outputs all your Bob Dylan songs, vacation photos, and hilarious video clips to your home theater system via any number of connections, such as S-Video and the ever popular red/white RCA audio jacks.

Thankfully, the IS201 outputs its own media interface to the connected monitor, so you're not struggling to read the iPod's tiny display when you're across the room. And across the room you shall be since the IS202 can be controlled by a remote handset.


Will the IS201 make you smarter, make clean water available to everybody on Earth, or do your laundry? No, but it will play back your iPod-encumbered media on your kickin' home theater system, which is almost just as important.

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