Mario and Luigi Smash Up the Wii

If you thought the PS3 was the only console these guys were gonna smash, think again. Dressed up as Mario and Luigi, the sledgehammer-toting duo gave a brand new Wii the beating of its life in front of a line of Nintendo fanboys. Unlike the previous Wii autopsy we showed you, these guys took out all their aggression on the tiny console. The video is worth a chuckle especially with the Mario Bros. sound effects running in the background, though it woulda been a lot cooler had they destroyed the Wii by spitting fireballs at it.

The Wii Gets Demolished Too [via Gadgetell]

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Is that the same person that smashed the PS3? I think I may see a resemblance with the hair.

Anywho, I think this is the new way people try to become web-famous. They hope that by chance their popularity will surge outside of the internet, and they'll end up on the news, and have some way to carry it on from there.

Sad but true, we tend to look closer when it is something shocking or something we've never seen or imagined. This smash-a-holic is riding that wave, and hoping that somebody somewhere decides to give him money for it.

I guess it is worth a try... holding out for the last laugh is the hard part. This guy will hit it big when he smashes his XBOX 1080 in ten years - somehow he'll sell this idea.

-I'd still rather see them walk to the end of the line and give it to some little kid-