Mark Cuban To Resurrect Movie Theaters, NBA and 3D At Same Time

Illustration for article titled Mark Cuban To Resurrect Movie Theaters, NBA and 3D At Same Time

Mark Cuban thinks he can save the dying business of movie theaters, which are steadily losing out to home entertainment options as televisions get bigger and video games and pay-per-view choices get better. His plan? Enlist the help of two even more archaic forms of entertainment, the NBA and 3D glasses.


Tuesday night's Dallas Mavericks game against the LA Clippers will be shown in 3D at the Magnolia Theater in Dallas. Cuban believes that the set-up, which consists of the Fusion 3D camera system from Pace as well as two super serious Sony SXRD 4K 10,000 lumens digital cinema projectors, will promote widespread 3D adoption since "watching sports, concerts and special events" in 3-D will be something that "only theaters will be able to offer." (He does add that Samsung and others are bringing it to TVs, but somehow that doesn't get in the way of his argument.)

Let's get real here for a second, Mark. There are about 25 people who still care about the NBA (myself included), and probably 14 people who have worn a pair of 3D glasses in the last decade. Finding a single person in Texas interested in doing both at the same time sounds next to impossible. You've already banned bloggers from your team's locker room because they said some things you didn't like. For a so-called technology pioneer, you sure seem out-of-touch. [Reuters]




The current and upcoming Sammy DLPs are 3-D Ready, as are the upcoming SEries 4 Plasmas (hitting stores supposedly this month, so perhaps in the next few weeks?). And the DDD accessory kit with the glasses and s/w can apparently convert 2-D stuff from a PC into 3-D on the the old Bulls n Blazers in 3-Dizzle!!!