Mark Foster, A-Trak, and Kimbra: Warrior

Did you just wake up and find yourself in a Luchador Kumate? Remember these three things: bring a reliable wingman, don't bail without the girl, and always aim for the mask.


Warrior is a collaborative work by Mark Foster (of Foster the People fame), DJ A-Trak, and vocalist Kimbra. It was put together as part of Converse's 3 Artists, 1 Song promo, which is why you will have the sudden urge to buy a pair of Chuck Taylors from the nearest Journeys store once the video is over. You can also download the track for free from the Journeys website. [Youtube via Journeys]

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I enjoy this. Off to Youtube to explore DJ A-Trak and Kimbra. [imagine me in a superman pose with fist outstretched flying toward the shiny (but also...sticky?) kingdom of Yutoob]