Martha Stewart, Techfluencer, Rides Her Hoverboard Barefoot

It’s a good thing

Martha Stewart has always been on the bleeding edge of domestic tech disruption: Using drones to survey her vegetable plots and 3D printers to squirt out funky custom napkin rings. Now she’s employing hoverboards to efficiently zip around mansions, as one does.


On a visit to Qatar, where hoverboard imports are still legal, Stewart borrowed the personal transportation device from a small child. She bravely roamed pillared hallways lined in expensive marble statuary, but steadied herself with the help of a doting attendee at the ready to ensure her safety.

What’s even more impressive is that Stewart is riding barefoot, which is something I’ve only seen babies do.

[@MarthaStewart via PopSci]


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Alissa Walker

Alissa is the former urbanism editor at Gizmodo.