Martin Freeman's Character in Captain America: Civil War Has Been Confirmed

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Ever since Martin Freeman was revealed as part of the cast of Civil War, there’s been a ton of rumors about just which mysteriously unidentified character he’d play, but the name that popped up the most often is Black Panther supporting character Everett Ross. Now, we can confirm that Freeman is totally playing the guy who most of us thought he was playing.


The news comes from the latest issue of Empire magazine, part of a larger feature on Civil War. According to them, Freeman’s Ross will be part of the Joint Counter Terrorist Center, or JCTC. It’s not exactly as nice as “SHIELD” when it comes to acronyms, but hey, what are you going to do when the last Cap movie pretty much blew 90 percent of SHIELD up?

In the comics, Ross was a supporting character most often associated with the Black Panther. He’s an employee of the US State Department first assigned to T’Challa, when he visits the US, but eventually becomes the American government’s liaison to Wakanda. That presumably means that Freeman might have a part to play in the Black Panther solo movie, or he may simply be the character that eventually brings T’Challa into the picture during Civil War. It’s nevertheless nice to have confirmation of who he’s actually playing now though, even if it’s someone many guessed from the start.


Header Image Credit: Disney/Marvel Comics, via Empire.



I thought we all guessed he was playing Gyrich? This is the first time I've seen Ross mentioned as a possible, but maybe I wasn't paying enough attention.