Marvel’s Next Avengers Team Is Gonna Be as Patriotic as Fuck

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If good ol’ truck-driving, CB-radio-in-his-skull superhero Ulysses Solomon Archer (star of the 1980s U.S. 1 title) does not appear in this book in some form, I will be crushed.

Announced today via The Washington Post, U.S.Avengers represents the next evolutionary stage of the current New Avengers title written by Al Ewing. That series is a result of rich-guy Roberto Da Costa (also known as superhero Sunspot) buying evil super-science organization A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) and turning it into Avengers Idea Mechanics. Once the dust clears after Civil War II, the A.I.M. acronym will stand for American Idea Mechanics, a result of a new relationship with the United States government. The new super-team will be tackling super-threats that SHIELD usually does, because the mainstay super-spy organization is suffering from a lack of confidence because of all of its recent screw-ups.


U.S.Avengers will be written by Al Ewing. The team’s roster will include current New Avengers like Squirrel Girl and human/robot hybrid POD along with new members Red Hulk and Captain America-from-the-future Danielle Cage. Roberto’s best bud from the New Mutants days Cannonball will be blastin’ nigh invulnerably as part of the team and scientist Toni Ho—daughter of Ho Yinsen, the man who helped Tony Stark build the first Iron Man armor—will be suiting up as a new Iron Patriot.


Ewing’s been one of Marvel’s writers for a good stretch now and his books boast fun characterization dynamics and effervescent cosmic imaginings. Based on his track record on the last Mighty Avengers series and his current work on New Avengers and The Ultimates, I have faith that this ‘America Fuck Yeah’ Avengers team will be an entertaining read.