Marvel To Cancel Every Single Avengers Comic

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The Avengers titles have long been Marvel's cash cows, but with the advent of Siege, every one of them will fall under the editorial ax this April.

It looks as if one of two things are happening. Either A.) Marvel has decided that New Avengers is a wholly inappropriate name for a comic that debuted 5 years ago; or B.) Marvel is rejiggering their Avengers line in the wake of the Norman Osborn-deposing miniseries Siege. In any case, the below Avengers titles are set to end with the following issues:

- Avengers: The Initiative #35
- Dark Avengers #16
- Mighty Avengers #36
- New Avengers #64


Frankly, my theory is that Marvel is consolidating all of these comics into a once-a-month, 100+ character, 128-page anthology: The Darkly Newer Avengers Who Have The Mightiest Initiative.

[via IGN]