It’s a lot, and in the right hands, could serve as the kind of irreverent, weird, and over-the-top-gory riff on adult animation that’s all the rage today—Invincible but with a Monkey, if you will. But something looks... off about Hit Monkey in this first look. The voice work is fine, to be sure, and the art style itself seems solid. But the fact that it’s animated at a framerate that would make the first season of The Dragon Prince look like it was smooth as butter is absolutely doing no favors for a show that is not only incredibly action oriented, but also being dropped after over two years of silence in just a few month’s time.


Time will tell if there’s more to Hit Monkey than is being let on here, or if it’s going to be a load of bananas—but not much, as the series drops on Hulu on November 17.

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