Marvel's new Thor is so worthy, she actually rewrites Mjolnir's oath

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Over the years, Thor's power has been wielded by many - a Frog, a Space-horse-thing, Superman - but soon, the mantle will pass to a woman. In a preview of her first issue, it turns out that this mysterious new woman is so badass, her lifting of Thor's mighty hammer causes the weapon to literally rewrite its own creed.

Marvel released the preview pages late last week, which show the old, now unworthy Odinson gallivanting around fighting frost giants, but the most interesting one features Mjolnir on the moon, and our shadowed woman picking it up, rewriting the hammer's longstanding inscription as she does:

Whosoever holds this hammer,

If he be worthy,

Shall possess the power of...



It's certainly a potent image, just what you want for your new character reveal, but at the same time... you'd think the Hammer would save itself a bit of time in the future and rewrite itself to say 'If they shall be worthy'. Turn itself into an equal-opportunity Nordic legendary weapon.

What is interesting is that the hammer's oath hasn't actually changed before - even, as Cinemablend points out, when a woman did actually wield it. Not just any woman either, but Wonder Woman:


(Oh, Comic books.)

So this new lady, whoever she turns out to be, seems to be more than up to the task of being the God of Thunder.


Thor #1 is due out October 1st.

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