Massive 2TB MemoryStick XC Is Just Insane

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Could the MemoryStick become relevant again? While Toshiba readies its 64GB SDXC cards, Sony is prepping its very likely backwards-compatible 2TB Memory Stick XC. The implications for devices like netbooks and SSDs could be huge.


Toshiba's SDXC and Sony's MSXC both have claimed maximum transfer speeds of up to 60 megabytes per second, but the latter's 2TB capacity—developed with the help of SanDisk—is just crazy. The biggest Memory Stick PRO is 32GB. And while the PRO series uses the FAT12/16/32 file system, we now know the XC range will use the more efficient exFAT. [Sony via Sony Insider via Engadget]

Newly available specs below: