Toshiba 64GB SDXC Card Is Will Be the World's Largest, Fastest

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On one hand, it's great to see the SDXC standard—which theoretically tops out at 2TB—flexing its muscles a little bit. On the other, I kinda wish Toshiba wouldn't announce a record-breaking SD card six months before release.


Toshiba's upcoming line update stretches from 16GB to 64GB, with read speeds of 60MB/s (that's megabytes, folks) and write speeds of 35MB/s. The one we're really interested in is obviously the 64GB SDXC unit, since prior SDXC cards, while fast, haven't hit capacities beyond the highest end of the SDHC spec. And look! Sample shipments for the largest card start arriving in November! That's great, if you're an OEM manufacturer. Regular folks will have to wait for "Spring, 2010" to splurge on one of these, however much it'll cost; these SD cards, which are literally from the future, haven't been priced yet. [Toshiba]


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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

So what does it mean that it has hit a capacity (64GB) which is above the highest end of the SDHC spec (32GB). Does this mean that adapters capable of reading SDHC may or may not be able to read the 64GB card?