Master Chief Frags Xbox 360 In Epic Case Mod

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I'm often pretty sure nothing would be more cathartic than blasting holes in my console. Having Master Chief do the dirty work for me, like in this case mod? All the sweeter. Best of all: you can actually buy it.


This (fully functional!) rig, designed by Weta's Richard Taylor, is up for auction until April 24th. Proceeds go to the David Peachey Foundation, an Australian charity that works towards bettering kids' lives through scholarships, sports grants, camps, and so on.

At the time of this writing, the bidding's at $800 Australian, putting it somewhere around $750 US. Come on, wealthy gamers (if you're out there). Just think how satisfying this'll be to look at once you hit the RROD. [eBay via Kotaku]



Freaking awesome, but I'm terrified to have my 360 stand on its end like that.