Was the last number 23, or 32? Wait, is this even my lock? If you've ever been late for class or stuck at the gym because of a frozen analog combo lock, you're in luck. With this digital directional lock, it doesn't matter if you can't memorize a string of numbers—but you still have to know your left from right.

What Is It?

A combination lock that's traded its dial for a D-Pad.

Who's it For?

Students, gym rats, security-conscious gamers, residents of Hill Valley circa 2015.



Sleek and sturdy. The lock face is more responsive than the D-Pad on an XB360, and its hardened steel case has a shim-proof boron alloy shackle.

Using It

Program your own directional code and key it in one-handed, without looking. It's way easier than dialing in a traditional combination lock.


The Best Part

Using the Konami code to open a gym locker.

Tragic Flaw

The electronic Dial Speed can't get wet or live outdoors. Forget about it for sheds and fences.


This Is Weird...

With the lock on a gym bag, at least two strangers stopped on the street to ask: "Is that a lock?" And: "What happens when it runs out of batteries?"


Test Notes

  • Up to four separate unlock codes (1 Master, 3 Guest) can be set. Handy, but doesn't that quadruple the odds of someone breaking in?
  • Includes 1GB USB drive for secure data storage and access to a super-secret backup Master code in the event that the primary code is lost.
  • Runs up to 5 years on a single CR2032 battery
  • A "jump slot" allows the lock to be opened even if the installed battery is dead.
  • Includes 3-month subscription to Master Lock Vault online storage system.

Should You Buy It?

Well, Office Max sells analog combo locks for $6, and this has an MSRP of $40 (Master Lock has lowered the price to $25). It works beautifully, but the price is tough to swallow.


If you've got the money, numeric combinations aren't your thing, and you're looking for a lock that doubles as a conversation piece, by all means, get yourself this futuristic digital lock.

Master Lock Dial Speed Specs

• Size: 52mm-wide body, 25mm-tall shackle
• Battery Type: CR2032
• Weight: 7 oz
• Price: $25 at Master Lock
• Gizrank: 3.5 stars



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