Master Your Gadgets With Giz's New Specialized Facebook Pages

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We understand your pain. You love Giz but sometimes you can't keep up with the daily flood of posts (sometimes we can't either). So we made dedicated Facebook pages for our iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone 7 coverage.

Our new Facebook pages make it easy for you to stay up to date with everything relating to the mobile devices you hold near and dear.

Everything iPhone
From the best iPhone apps and games to the biggest iPhone news stories and all the tips, tricks, & tutorials in between. Everything you want to know about the iPhone is here.


Everything iPad
Apps are what really make the iPad magical, and here you'll find all the latest and the greatest, along with the best tricks for getting the most out of your tablet (including those from the blossoming iPad Jailbreak scene.)

Everything Android
The Android army is growing every day—make this your destination for everything Android, including all the best new Android devices, when to expect updates and where to look for the best new apps.


Everything Windows Phone
In a few short months Windows Phone 7 will be coming on strong, and this page is where you'll be able to keep up with all the latest Windows Phone 7 news, including the hot new phones that'll run it.


Of course, if you're not already a fan of our regular Gizmodo Facebook page, you should be—it has only our best content, hand-picked fresh and delivered to your Facebook feed daily.


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This would be moot if you guys had an app for the various phones. I hate to say it but I read engadget far more often now because of their super sweet android app.