Matrox Ships MXO for Mac Video Editing

Matrox just shipped MXO, a handy little box for Mac users who edit professional-level video. Connected to the Mac's secondary DVI port and also hooked up to USB 2.0, this portable unit converts that computer video into TV video, allowing the signal to be recorded easily in real time. It can also be output to a variety of formats such as component, composite, S-Video, and even SDI, in both high definition and standard definition.

MXO is capable of some counterintuitive feats as well, such as extracting 8 channels of SDI embedded audio with stereo audio monitoring from the secondary DVI port on a Mac. Another advantage is that it's compatible with most Macs including laptops, iMacs and G5 desktops. Final Cut Pro video editors on the Mac will love this thing.


The best part of MXO is, until now, Mac users couldn't get an accurate view of what would actually be seen on a television screen when watching their productions in full-screen view on a computer display. Now they can get that full 1080i effect, using this $995 box. I've seen this baby, and it's fo' real.

Product Page [Matrox]

First Look [Creative Mac]


Too bad I missed that at NAB... I've been dealing with that issue for a few years, especially in the project I'm doing now in HDV... no way to view externally what you're doing without 'conforming' the entire project to HDV (re-encoding) and doing Print to Video... a 24" LCD helps, but the interlace still looks like crap. I need one BAD.