Matryomin Theremin Kicks Out Some Weird Jams

Japanese theremin maker Mandarin Electron has embedded a pitch only theremin inside a Russian matryoshka doll dubbed "Matryomin" as a means of creating art with art. For those of you who don't know, the theremin is an old-timey electronic instrument that can be played without actually being touched. Apparently, Matryomin can be "easily manipulated" to produce sounds that seem to emanate from the doll as a singing voice. If you don't believe me, groove on the bizarre orchestra in the video above. [Mandarin Electron via Trends in Japan]



That was actually pretty cool. Not so much for the Matryomin, but who would have thought to put together a whole chorus of theramins. ["chorus of theramin"? what's the plural of theramin?]

For the young-uns out there, the theramin is one of the oldest analog controllers in existence. Think of it as a Wii-trombone... ;-)