Max Harris: High

"High", from the UK's Max Harris, is the best worst thing since Rebecca Black's "Friday." It hits all the right notes. Autotune. Filmed in an alleyway. Drug references by a minor. Sweatpants. I can't help but think this is self-aware parody.


"I'm on a battleship. I'm sinking. Someone help me. Please help me. Help me."

This is not only my new jam, it's pretty much going to be the anthem of my summer. Genius. [YouTube]



Actually, I can understand why he removed the comments. I saw this video on Reddit a few days ago, and the comments were just awful.

Telling the "faggot" to "hang yourself", "kill yourself" with many more gay bashing and death requests. It was ridiculous.

Harmless jesting, sure, but that was why kids really are killing themselves.