Illustration for article titled Max Water Cranks Moisture Out of the Air, Seems Miraculous

There's a lot of water floating around in the air everywhere, and inventor Max Whisson has figured out a way to extract it using Max Water, a wind-powered contraption he named after himself. Max Water uses the concept of condensation, where lower temperature allows less water to hang around in the air, and Whisson says that will amount to 10,000 liters per day dripping from this single rooftop device. Man, that's a lot of water.


Those interested in this device better be mighty thirsty, though, because they'll have to shell out $43,000 for one of these babies. But if you've ever been in a region where there's no water, spending $43K is a whole lot better than dying of thirst. If this idea really works as well as its inventor says it does, economies of scale will make that high price a temporary hurdle. [UberReview]

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