Maybe Less Flights Will Be Diverted With This Foot-Massaging Laptop Bag

United Airlines might soon want to rethink its Fly the Friendly Skies slogan as the battle for legroom and personal space aboard planes has recently turned very ugly. But who needs knee-defending contraptions or even reclining seats when all you really need to endure a long stressful flight is a relaxing foot massage courtesy of this laptop bag.


The Leggage (yep, that's what it's called) has enough room to carry most of what you need for a flight—unless you're a carry-on hoarder. Inside there's plenty of space for a laptop, a tablet, headphones, snacks, and even some extra undergarments, but it's the ridged outer surface of the bag that makes it shine. It allows it to be used as a footrest and as a way to manually massage your feet to increase blood circulation and comfort. At $80 it could be the cure to air rage altogether, no matter how long your legs can stretch. [Leggage via The Red Ferret Journal]

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