Maybe This Is Why Blockbuster Is Dying

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When your CEO thinks popping the Netflix disc in the Wii is more difficult than driving to a store to physically rent a disc (and then returning said disc), that might be a sign that your company isn't exactly forward-thinking.

According to this interview with CEO Jim Keyes over at Fast Company, he'd much rather get discs by mail, go to a kiosk or go to a store to rent his movies. Unfortunately for him, he's in the minority there. Netflix is pushing hard into streaming because streaming is very clearly the future. If Blockbuster wants to willfully ignore that fact, I guess that's their prerogative. [Fast Company]

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Just did a huge industry analysis + series of recommendations for Blockbuster spanning about 5 weeks for my last business class as an undergrad. The verdict:

Amongst the slew of problems for the company (IE debt, loss of market share to competitors, failure to innovate/incorporate innovation), specifically Blockbuster needs to look to be first movers in more areas within its industry (HTC mobile, not bad). This is funded of course, by much liquidation, probably internationally.

The above comments are troubling. For a CEO, he's strangely isolationist for someone operating in a capitalist economy. Commence the bleeding- out, Blockbuster.