In olden times they used to hide their TV sets in a bulky piece of console furniture, but now you can hide that screen underneath a picture frame covered by the paintings of the masters with Media Décor's Hide and Chic system. It springs into action when you press its remote control, robotically retracting that LCD display into the wall and then rolling down the artwork like a magic curtain.

Media Décor offers your choice of contemporary or classic artwork, or you can even pick out whatever image you'd like. Too bad this retails for upwards of $14,000.


We're not sure why you would want to hide today's gorgeous LCD displays, but mongrels that we are, we're probably not hip to the trend that perhaps techy-looking TVs are becoming a bit passé, especially in some upscale dwellings. But why not just put stills of old masters paintings or contemporary art in that LCD display? Oh yeah, that's right: then the glitterati couldn't say, "Oh, no, we don't watch TV."

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