MediaHub HD Will Make Hotel Rooms a Lot More Entertaining

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TeleAdapt is hoping to deliver a more personalized entertainment experience for guests in hotel rooms with their TA-7650 MediaHub HD box. Basically, it makes it easy to play media from your portable devices through the TV.

MediaHub HD Features

• All-in-one audio/video connectivity panel for enjoying content from any portable
electronics device through the in-room TV
• Guest-facing A/V sockets include Composite Audio/Video, S-Video, VGA with
paired audio (for laptops), HDMI, Stereo Bluetooth, USB (5v) for device charging
• Stereo Bluetooth wireless technology allows guests to pair their portable media
devices to the entertainment panel and play music or other audio through the in-room
TV speakers without having to physically connect the device with a cable
• Single-HDMI back-end connection to the TV for simplified installation
• Only requirement: TV with an available HDMI port and a power source (wall outlet)
• Prevents guests tampering with existing TV connections
• Auto-sensing of devices upon plug-in means intuitive controls for any hotel guest
• Wide range of available trims and bezels, designs that fit any room decor
• CE, CSA, FCC certified (MediaHub plus PowerHub extension is also UL certified)
• Can be deployed worldwide

So if you have your iPod, laptop or other portable device with you on the trip, you can play your own media content through the TV without a hassle. If I'm on a trip, spending time in the hotel room is probably not going to be my first choice for entertainment—but it would be nice to have this option. [Teleadapt]