Medion GoPal P4425 SatNav has Fingerprint Recognition

Given that SatNav systems are one of the hottest items to steal these days, Medion's latest GoPal might go some way in redressing the balance. Its P4425 model boasts fingerprint recognition for extra security, meaning that not only will thieves be unable to use it, but might find it that little bit harder to find out where you live &mdash unless, of course, your car is parked in your driveway when they break into your motor and steal it.

Just 17 mm thick, the P4425 has voice recognition for certain commands, meaning no more one-handed steering while you thump the SatNav unit as it repeats "Come off the motorway at the next exit" in its robot voice. There's RDS-TMC antenna for live traffic updates, 1.5GM memory, a 4.2-inch color widescreen and an FM transmitter so you can get "Come off the motorway at the next exit" voice guidance piped through your speakers. There's even a pre-loaded database that tells you where all the speed cameras are.


With maps of the UK and the rest of western Europe, the GoPal P4425 is out in the UK in November for 299.99, or around $600. Will this be the shape of SatNav security to come? [NaviGadget]

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